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by Sara Masterson


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Make a Fire (2016)


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Always the Beautiful (2013)

"broken sticks will MAKE A FIRE"


Sara Masterson is a nationally touring singer/songwriter and recording artist from Chicago. The Illinois Entertainer describes her voice as “achingly gorgeous” and calls her a “mesmerizing and accomplished” young artist. Sara has performed in some of Chicago’s most iconic venues, including the House of Blues, Metro and Schuba’s. She has performed at clubs across the country from the Mint in Los Angeles to Rockwood Music Hall in New York City. Sara is a featured artist for RLifeLIVE Entertainment brand and has performed at Renaissance Hotels across the country. Her songs have received airplay on radio, TV, and film, including ABC family. Recently, Sara has also been seen performing at Chicago Ideas Week with Clark Street Bridge, a live music and spoken word experience created by the award-winning writer John Claxton in partnership with FCB. Sara is also a worship leader and her original worship song "Inheritance" was among CCLI's top worship videos last year. Whether performing shows at pop venues or leading worship in church, Sara's desire as an artist is to ignite a flame in people's hearts for something greater than themselves. 

"For this new record, it's been an amazing journey of seeing many different avenues in my life merging, integrating and fusing together into this beautiful, vibrant tapestry that, upon reflection, has shown me that I've become bolder, stronger and more fulfilled spiritually. Art reflects life, and in this case I kept feeling the idea burning in my heart, that no matter how broken the pieces might seem, the friction of faith and stories of truth will fan our brokenness into an incredible flame. This collection of songs was recorded at Integrity Studios with the help of my producer David Leonard (from All Sons & Daughters). I couldn't be happier for you to finally hear them! We all have a story worth telling and I hope this record inspires you to be bold, be brave, and shine your light by living out your own story of hope. 

"Broken sticks will make a fire." Share your stories using the #MakeAFire hashtag.


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